Strength of Character
Newest manicure

Strength of Character


Good morning, I have made it through another day! Anyone see my second post yesterday? :) Go ahead and look, you’ll like…she’s inexhaustible, showing strength of my Character. Very active dream realm last night, the kind I like having and woke up hot and sweaty.

I decided on negative space with black tips because my nails are stained up, then I just did random scribbles, and a matte top coat. I did clean all my stamping plates throughly with acetone and then soaked in water and air dried. I didn’t really realize how many I actually have probably somewhere between 60-80 I forgot to count. So they are all good as well as brushes, stampers, scrapers, charms, magnets, cotton balls, to go in a box. So my next manicure will be solid colors…all my polishes except Orly in my display rack. The rest have travel cases really to be taped up. Will have to bubble wrap all those Orly’s and put in a plastic bin.

I had food to make here yesterday but got panda express instead, wanna see my fortune? It is funny, you just can’t make this shit up!


Strength in every way imaginable is what I need right now. Speaking of strength I had caved and had a banana cream cookie from Twisted Sugar, which is the one I wanted the first time getting it. I forgot to take a picture. I really didn’t need to eat another cookie this month but it was good!

Taking a break from packing today. Passed my searching for a place to a realtor today, maybe she will have the perfect place. Most places I have found have washer and dryer hookup but no appliances, ugh! I know that won’t fly and I don’t really want to buy another set if I can get around it. I have run into a new dilemma that I need to look up, how to pack all my plants, never did travel with plants in a cross country move, and in the winter 🥶. Oh the obstacles, they stack up. Everything is going to work out somehow. Alright, I’m going to be cuddly lounging in this chair to daydream and be creative for a spell. Have a cozy day.