Space weather & symptoms
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Space weather & symptoms


Hello! Ascension symptoms of the past few days are in the head region, headaches, severe irritability (past thinking), and excitability (future thinking). Coronal Mass ejections happening in our general direction, stay grounded and hydrated. These white light beams are slicing through some red energy blockages then purging before coming back into collective homeostasis. The blockages are uncomfortable spots in your 3D body, causing irritability. The purging is good, embrace the purge feelings, mass ejections from the body. Literally, you will eliminate more toxins today through well, no nice way to put it…excretion. Especially the head region, clearing sinuses, tears, earwax, burping, coughing, yawning, even puking. Take extra care to wash your face, brush teeth, floss, mouthwash, clean ears out, extra eye drops if sensitive would be good, especially if crying. Take an aspirin for headache or antihistamine for spring/environmental allergies.

Stay hydrated and mindfully breathe for better oxygen intake, meditate for calmness, eat what your body says it wants because it will be lacking minerals. It will not guide you incorrectly, your body knows at the cellular level what it is lacking. So cravings reflect that, listen. Also if do not feel like eating that is also your body telling you fast, pay attention to stomach growl, eat at that time. Continue drinking water or better electrolyte or alkaline water to remineralize.

Just a solar storm video for fun, remember the solar pole shift is this year

You might feel significantly lighter afterwards. I’m already feeling pretty good today, despite the torrential downpour of rain that happened already. I woke up and started straight away through my ascension help list. My body is really comfortable at the moment, I’m kind of dazed. I feel like I took some adaptogens but I didn’t, lol. I would if I had some. Chimmie is sleeping so she is feeling good so far, she is dreaming too, her tail is twitching 😂.

In other news it’s fish truck day here in the Manhattan of Kansas, I’m going to have it for lunch instead of dinner, and just have snack for dinner, if I’m even hungry after that. It is only here one day a month so I like to try and get it. I had a new shrimp bowl from qdoba yesterday but I still have half of it left, well, I ate all the shrimp out of it so it’s only veggies and rice now. I’ll eat that tonight I guess if I want to, or tomorrow for lunch. I still have chicken masala leftovers to eat too.

My mind feels sharp and body feels mellow, so I’m going to take advantage of that logical mind shit today. Before jumping back into my dream cave, that I will come back to. It is day one of Pluto Retrograde. lol. Make it a good day 🙂.

Pluto retrograde begins