Thursday Drizzle 🌧️

Thursday Drizzle 🌧️


Hello! It is a wet one…all day. I’m inside so I don’t really care. My knee does though, so I’m treating it kindly. I have a package out to me today of more socks. Different company, they are just black knee high compression. Looking forward to trying them out probably tomorrow. I like the first batch of socks I got but they are more of a crew length than knee high. Hope these ones are longer, which is what I wanted.

The fish truck is in town so, I’m going to get that again. Something to look forward to later. So far today I cleansed my big crystals, here they are👆🏻. I have a rare yellow/golden fluorite in my sights now, a heart shaped palm-stone, not expensive but feels like an important addition because I can’t get it off my mind. Does that sound insane? 😆...maybe a little? I can have it.

I thought I might do a card of the day here for anyone tuning in. Let‘s do a sacred geometry card to see where you should have some focus today. I’ll add an audio clip underneath.

I spy my dragons reflection in the card, lol, that is too cool. Hi 🤚

New Recording 23

So, that is your card. I have plenty of time to do this myself. The cosmos picked the card today for sure...bye for now. Signing off with some birds, incase there are none around to hear.