Thursday ⛈️ and 👽

Thursday ⛈️ and 👽


I apologize, I didn’t get back to writing another post last night,  like I said I might

Good Morning,  a stormy night and morning in the desert. I lost internet signal at some point during the night, so I was sleeping in silence 😱...well, except for the occasional thunder clap and constant rain. At any rate woke up joints achey as hell from the humidity. I am balancing out now, as I have meditated and now on my second cup of laird latte. I have realized I am almost out of it!! I thought I would get 30 days out of it, but I only got two weeks. I cannot afford that, longterm. I’m going to go back to four Sigmatic defense, and just use laird coconut creamer instead, atleast for the next month. I found a different brand and formula of glutathione (in liu of Methylation3) I think will be more affordable and effective longterm so I’m getting it and will skip MitoQ, at this time. It’s a toss up do I want to stop inflammation first? or have an energy boost? Inflammation is my first target. I am pretty sure I’ll have an energy boost just from my new b9&12 vitamins being sublinguals, it would be ideal to have both, but it’s better to add things slowly and lower doses to see how you feel anyways. Glutathoine and Magnesium with TMG and the sole drink is going to restore my salt/water dilution in my body flush out the lymphatic system which barely works from circulation in lower body being slow. I'm happy to report that I have had less hair loss this week so I guess the new biotin is already working! This is the brand and it is clean and a years supply!  10mg @ >$20 on Amazon.

Just a screenshot fyi

Last night I created the strangest art 😂, some of you may have noticed I posted an animation on IG. It got much stranger after that as I added more 'Arcturians' to it. I love it though, I'll post it on the next Art Dump as an exclusive, it was alot of fun adding new faces to my art.  I consider myself an Arcturian when it comes to the starseeds.

Storytime: I used to kind of scare my mom when I was little because I had these elaborate space dreams and talked about aliens that I actually called 'The Vavas'. I remember the dreams still somewhat, and they were mostly boring because it was always about traveling long distances in space. It was always a continuation type dream where it would repeat the last dream and at the very end something new would happen.  I dunno 😂. I think I may have recently came here from another star system and not had my past reincarnations on Earth, it really would explain so much. I tried to keep them human like over alien like, perhaps a hybrid in between the two, and I LOVE the body spots which is just my twist! I want to buy more brushes for procreate now its so much fun.