Today is better
Energy of the week! 👑🔥🐈‍⬛

Today is better

Woke up feeling lighter and well rested. One thing weighing on me this weekend was getting a bill paid on time and didn’t know if it would or not because of the holiday.  I figured I’d be getting hit with a late fee, and accepted it as done.  But to my surprise it was on time, and I didn’t get penalty after all. I’m so grateful for that, it’s a little thing to be worried about, and not that big of a deal,  but sometimes 3D life woes win. Haha! Not today. “I am abundant, I am abundant, I am abundant!"

Finally out of the 10 of wands energy an into the queen of wands for the week. Nice! I do feel like a weight was lifted. Really strong light code energies downloading during sleep is what I really think has been happening. Upgrades! :)

I pulled two oracle cards. Funny when I was getting acquainted with my new decks the day they arrived, I spent some time shuffling them and the divine masculine card jumped out of the deck twice that day, also noticed a lot of static in that deck which then takes extra momentum to get cards to come apart! No other cards flew out that day! Then today, again. I meditate every morning to balance my energies, it’s practically automatic at this point. Then from the other deck peace flew out. So that’s kind of a confirmation in my mind and how my body feels that all is well and balanced and peaceful today. Good! I can focus on other things now.

I’m going to cut it short for today I'm writing something else for later in the week, which explains divine masculine/divine feminine in more depth the energy and counterparts in my own words.

I didn't make any animations this week, but I did make random art for Tuesday’s art dump post which is mañana. Yay!

Thanks for being here.