Trust the process
When I was overthinking my existence, and I thought I was wise

Trust the process


Quite different from my outlook now, I was overthinking my existence then.  I felt much more bound to the material as if it were all that is. I am an earth sign, with a lot of earth placements, but I am also heavy water and slightly airy, and a little Eeyore.

Anyways, I was always afraid of making a mistake or a choice that would set me back a decade, or unintentionally hurting someones feelings 😭, and I'm not even a people pleaser.  I've changed a lot since then, just with my outlook on existence...and nonexistence.  We build the cages and walls around us to protect ourselves, having faith that the ones who are meant to find us don't mind climbing over them once in a while, or sitting outside the cage, and maybe reach inside with soothing words and encouragement to remind us who the fuck we are. Eventually you will see that person on the other side is you.

So when you are left a bit too long to your own devices and think maybe I am wrong about everything.  Is being wise really about admitting you know nothing? Everytime you start to do that overthinking stuff, stop, ground yourself and meditate on it. We will all have off days, no matter how spiritually aware we are, that human aspect can break in a multitude of ways. We have the ability to pick ourselves up and carry on to the next day, which will more than likely be a better day if we just have the faith that it will be.

If you just go to sleep and restore your energy. Call your energy back to you at night. Everyone you’ve invested in for the day, like the person who was rude to you at the gas station, the phone call you got about something unpleasant. The person or animal that needed your vibration at a nursing home or shelter. They needed that love then, and now you call it back to yourself so you have the energy to get through tomorrow.

Remember things are happening for you not to you, even if you don’t see how yet. The energy fluctuations that are happening now and well into next month will effect us all in different ways. So take time to go to your happy place, could be somewhere like this blog is for me. Could be within, somewhere sacred in your house or yard that put you in a happy mood. Observe your thoughts and release. Do not gloomy Eeyore your way through the month it will be brutal even in the sunshine. Unless you are bright-side Eeyore with his thistles. Trust me I’ve had my fair share of days like that in life too.

🤣 'decidedly gloomy'

“We’re only as bound to this plane as we want to be, we are as free as we’ve ever been”