I Can’t… I mean ‘I like’ not sleeping at night 😆
Excerpt from Waking up in 5D

I Can’t… I mean ‘I like’ not sleeping at night 😆


I have returned…I thought why not share a small piece of my book with you. I feel some of you would appreciate this.

My energy is all over the place lately, I think it is because I’m no longer watching the sun rise and set so my circadian rhythm is confused on what time it is. I fell as sleep after I drank coffee today, lol, right before I posted the first time this morning. I don’t remember that ever happening to me before! How’s everyone feeling about the month coming to an end? Challenging wasn’t it. What will February hold?

My socks are in PA, I am looking so forward to getting them soon. My feet are not changing in size much overnight, probably because I’ve been awake more than I’ve been asleep. I have a bruise on the bottom of my right foot, noticed it today examining them. My brain at one point said, “looks like Reynaud‘s!” It really does, but I’m not going to jump to conclusions just yet. I looked at some photos and it does resemble it. I used this mask which is a fav but it didn’t change how they look. This a moisturizing one as opposed to a peeling mask.

I feel like I’m having a slumber party staying up overnight 😆 in my fluffy socks, listening music and writing and working on my art, in a heated blanket. It’s kinda of fun, but I really should get to bed eventually! I have been drinking turmeric and ginger tea first thing when I wake up then one iced coffee for the caffeine. Still I fall asleep. Too funny.

I’m going to add another oracle deck soon, and adding runes as well. I‘m looking so forward to getting back into it, more often. I’ll be starting my journal Feb. 10th with the Lunar New year and by then everything should be more in it‘s place. I’m still just acclimating to the elevation or lack thereof and that’s ok with me. I cannot hurry this process anyways.

So I’m going to go for now tonight, I’ll be up, but I’m going to be creating if anyone wants to send me any requests, anything you might want to see me create I will consider it, or if you know an oracle deck I should get. I would like that. Tell me on IG. Now for music and a quote, which will not always go together just stuff I like, it’s more random, good night.