Revisit and recharge

Revisit and recharge


Hello, there will no art dump, I’ve already posted a mini one a few days ago with the exception of the featured picture. This website is going through maintenance from 2-6pm so I was hoping to hop on here real quick before it does.

Reposting an old fb post…

I think I’m going to revisit some old music today. The first one calling me is Leftoverture/Kansas. I found it on vinyl! I didn’t buy it, but I found it. I’m trying to save money little by little. I still can’t even believe I live here…like…WHAT!? 😂.

Decided to wait on the ordering art supplies until today so I could receive them after the solar eclipse, then I can start something new. Right now I’m just recharging. Slept okay over night. My eyes burned when I woke up for a little while, I’m fine now. I actually fell asleep sitting up last night, woke up surprised AF, and very disoriented prepping to actually go to bed.

Well, I need to wash my hair I guess that’s next. Alright Aries season give me the energy I need until the Scorpio Pink moon. For now I’m just a sleepy inferno 🥱.