Body aches and Art
The paper for my gel printing art…

Body aches and Art


So I thought I’d get this post started, I haven’t done the art yet I’ll add as soon as I get it done. There wasn’t any storm around here until around 4am and the tornado warning was over at 9am. Nothing happened here but I guess three tornados touched down in one county, Green something can’t remember what its was called but yeah all three same county!

Yesterday I went ahead and ordered Longhorn instead. I make my own strange a la cart salad 😂. I get the chicken bites appetizer, a side garden salad and fries. I dump it all together and put their house ranch and the sweet chilie sauce from the appetizer all over it. Took a bite of the free bread that I can’t have, lol. It’s my favorite free bread at a restaurant. I really need to make my own bread one of these days. Here’s how the salad looked, was good!

Received my nail polish from Mooncat today, I bought the thermal in the collection. I’ll try and manicure tonight but probably will be tomorrow when I post. I am about to make today‘s dinner, then art. I have this whole body ache throb thingy not a good throb unfortunately, lol. So I’m getting out the heated blanket. Chimmie will be thrilled. Okay, I’ll be back…


The gel plate art

I tried to make a copy from the magazine I bought but it doesn’t have transferable ink so that was a fail. I figured I would try some of my rubber stamps on it, they worked fine, I also pressed a little bubble wrap and a sponge. All worked well. So I just made this background which fine to me I can stamp more directly on it or press more layers on it if I wanted. It will take some practice at getting the amount of paint right, can’t be too much. You must also wait for the layers to dry before attempting the next layer. All the negative space is where I pressed the magazine pieces that didn’t take. My last layer was white to make the transfer to paper. I like the negative space look though. Well, this was my first attempt which is all I’m doing tonight. Just wanted to get a feel for it, I didn’t really have an idea just went for it. Let me know what you think on IG or leave me pointers if you already know how to do this. I appreciate constructive criticism.