A unique pose I did a few years ago, bending over backwards on a chair…when I started creating selfie art



Hi, I‘m back. I stumbled across this photo a few minutes ago and was going to put it in the Art Dump but decided it could just be the feature photo for this one. I created this one right around the start of the pandemic. I feel the lighting does a weird shadow on my chin but I like it overall.

I didn’t get around to painting my nails yesterday, going to do that after this, then I have to get a few things from Amazon. I did try cortisone ointment on my itchy patches on my legs, it did nothing for the itch. So I’m still going to try cerave miracle ointment, and something called battle skin tea tree oil bar, it helps all kinds of skin issues, it’s worth a try. Tea tree oil is amazing in general. Thinking about trying manukora manuka honey 600+ mgo, it wipes out bad mold, fungus, and bacteria without killing beneficial bacteria. Unlike an antibiotic from the doctor, which wipes out everything, then you have to painstakingly rebuild your gut again afterwards which I do not want to do.

The largest x flare ever has happened today X8.97 or something like that. I‘m going to blame my itchiness on that. It feels like I have no water in me, always burning from the inside out. My body is relaxed otherwise, I wonder why… Ooh yeah, I remember why, it’s May and the urge struck.

I’ll just end here… 🕳️🫣

This one is great…you’re welcome. Sorry age restrictions on it. You can click on it but you’ll have to sign in to YouTube to watch. Its called, ‘brain orgasm 432hz’ if you just wan’t to search it YouTube.