Tuesday No Art
Holy f*** it’s Gemini season ☁️☁️☁️😩😂 no sleep until Cancer season

Tuesday No Art


Good afternoon. Happy Uh Gemini season?! Just kidding Gemini your season is fun 😬…right? insert eyeroll. Gemini season is very…head in the clouds energy, fast and spontaneous with a lot of, I don’t know what to do…what do you want to do, can’t make a decision on anything and then whoops it’s over, and your like I couldn’t decide so I did nothing or did everything. All with good intentions and light heartedness of course, but tend to be enmeshing connections.

I’m here real quick to say no art dump. I’ve not created any new digital art for a few days now, except for what I’ve used as feature photos this past week. I’m in my logical mind today creating lists, many lists, for my different reasons. I’m just now breaking for lunch and figured I’d stop by to say hello beautiful people. How’s your day going? Could you decide what to eat today? Or what to wear? Where to go? Etc. Expect some extra time spent thinking about stuff like that and changing your outfit 500x a day, for the next month. Don’t let it drive you insane.

So yeah, speaking of up in the air, I just cannot decide if I like this firecracker wrap. It is very strange, not bad, but not really that good either. It is turkey and salami together, which is really odd to start, then we have onion, jalapeños, tomatoes and barbecue chips crunched up inside it and mayo. Did a Gemini make this? I feel like I’m eating a Phoenix or something, the chip crunch gives it a sparkly tongue feel 😂. I dunno, it’s a no from me….I think…maybe. But it’s firey. Wash it down with an Astro Celsius and it’s quite the chemistry experiment.

Me after the wrap 💥

It is hot out today, I have the Air on and floor fan, I think it will continue to get hotter. Lot of storm predictions between now and June 1st. Oh and look at this Schumann chart from the past three days. The arrow is today! Ground!!

I’ve been so itchy and heavy look at all the 5D white light spikes crunching that red density, no wonder I’m popping off with channeled messages. How is your sleep? Sporadic? In pain? Thirsty? Me too 😔. Ground, drink water, take care of your body. If you have/or use any citrine crystals remember to put them away in a drawer overnight to sleep they will keep you awake, but get them back out during the day to energize you.

I might be back later, I can’t decide 🤪. Take care!

I just had a popsicle to round out the meal. Mango popsicles tastes like frozen ketchup to me. Good thing I like ketchup. Truly an odd food day all around, and it all works together.

I just spontaneously bought this decoration from cracker barrel 😱. I know, I need more decor like a whole in the head but…yeah had to have it, and I know it will sell out like in hours. I’ll throw up a pic after I receive it.