Tuesday x2
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Tuesday x2


Hello, I’m back for my second post. I was having trouble posting photos earlier on the previous post. Not sure why, but after many attempts of trying to post my last photo I gave up and published the post anyway. So hopefully this one will work out.

Ordered a trial order of Manukora honey today to try out for 14 days. Then I’ll be automatically sent one jar sometime after that, then I’m going to cancel the membership because it is too expensive. I did it that way because I got $20 off a jar. I really just need one jar to do the job. It is +850 MGO which is a therapeutic grade for gut restore in itself so I can avoid a gut restore pill type thing. It‘s supposed to be really great for skin. Guess I’ll find out soon.

Slept pretty good last light. I spent some time writing out a new moon post a day early, find that here tomorrow. After that I just felt kind of off, it makes me feel like I need a day offline. A whole day away from the internet, not just social media but all of it. I haven’t done that since the new moon in Pisces, that was just social media and I took a day of silence in silence which was hard. It would be so hard to completely disconnect a whole day. I don’t think I can do it 😂. I think I’d have to be forced, how strange to think about. I’m getting that shudder when going to fb again. I love Instagram but man I’m so bombarded by fb it would take hours to get through my feed which is I guess what my friends liked or something, most of it is so depressing…I literally start to panic for a minute…I get a shudder in my shoulders. Or maybe it’s not my energy? Literally I log in, post as fast as I can, hold my breath even, look around as fast as I can to try and like some posts to be supportive to my people and get out, like it‘s Chernobyl or some shit 😂. It is just me?

Shudder (me on FB) sweeping off

I think that’s all I got tonight, I felt like I had more earlier but I either didn’t or I forgot. Lol. It’s probably new moon energy hitting me, new moons makes me feel a little off. Could be Pluto retrograde coming closer to Capricorn. I don’t know…Going to eat some strawberries and clear my energy. Have a good night all