Tuesday madness 🤪
Finally I cleaned them…

Tuesday madness 🤪


I went through my purses today, I found the cutest sharpie in one, lol. A keychain sharpie!

How cute, who has a sharpie on a keychain, why tho? I’ve never use this 😂

I had put off cleaning my makeup brushes after I said I’d do them. Well, now they‘re done! yay. I don’t have any brush shampoo so that’s been my excuse, but actually a tbsp of both blue dawn dish soap and white vinegar cleans them better, so I did that. Luckily only half my brushes were dirty since the last time I washed them, so it wasn’t that bad at all. I looked through my perfume rollerballs and pitched out My Burberry and La vie de boheme. They were practically empty. I have eight I’m keeping, I am fading them all out even though I love them. Going to stick with brands with limited cleaner ingredients like Juliette has a gun, and possibly try one from Ascension, and Sage goddess. I still have a few large bottles as well like Alien, Novacaine, Gia, and a small bottle of Tainted Love. Trying to keep the toxic load low on my skin as much as possible and still enjoy life, I normally just perfume my clothes anyway unless it’s a rollerball. I recently tried a sample bar of Mirai Clinical Perisimmon soap and I love it so much, I think I may get the regular size soap too. I still love the Himalayan salt and sage bodywash from Shea Moisture too but it is harder and harder to find, and I’m almost out, I think it might be in bar form too. I’m just really liking solid soaps lately, you can cut them into cubes, I would prefer to phase out bodywash. I am going to try another brand of solid Himalayan soap. I know, real interesting conversation here.

Anyways, had virtual tour yesterday of this really small place, and submitted an application this morning and now waiting to hear back later today or tomorrow AM. There are pros and cons of course but it’s less money than it costs living here, no yard care to pay for, free snow removal, has a washer and dryer already, really spacious bathrooms, to name a few. Not much storage. So I’m listing out all the things I’m not taking this trip, which will include two couches, I don’t think it will be hard to get rid of/sell for cheap, trying not to get overwhelmed! I’m keeping the dark gray chaise sectional. Because I’m more into neutral furniture these days. There just isn’t any room for three and I need to downsize anyways. I have learned I am not going to furnish a house I don’t own ANYMORE and lug around a shit ton of stuff from rental to rental that is exhausting! You’d think I would have learned that awhile ago. I have had this same TV console since 2003, it is the heaviest thing I own like (a million pounds 😂) because there are three pieces of glass in it and it is solid wood. Such a pain in the ass because it has to be taken apart. I really should sell it and get a light weight piece, but I don’t think I’ll have time. I think this next move will be the last move it makes with me. Someone in this next college town would take it I’m sure. My tv is almost that old too, I’ve moved it five times and I’m shocked it still turns on.

Heavy af

The kitchen seems to be the same size as this one, so I should be able to fit everything the same. There are two wide window sills and counter-space for my plants, they will need some catch plates and velvet feets because granite countertops, if they survive the cold trip, 🤞🏻. Vera is getting bigger and bigger, loving the indoor life, she now has nine leaves. There are three tiny shelves on the side of the kitchen cabinets which I will put my three faux candles on 👇🏻 that will be cute.

This is the second day of my new b12 complete, I feel better than yesterday, and much better than the day before that. Hopefully I start feeling steadily energized instead of sporadically, I’m going to need it! I’m closing this out now to figure out some food, hope this bonus post was fun to read. Bye for now.