Twisted Sugar 🔀
New shop in Las Cruces!

Twisted Sugar 🔀


Gluten free sugar bombs 😂

Good morning. I decided to try something new. This is my first time at Twisted Sugar. It didn’t disappoint, I like that they have a gluten free option as well. The cookie I really wanted was banana cream pie but I guess they thought I wanted pumpkin pie twice, lol. O’well I’ll try it some other time, the pumpkin pie cookie is good too. So far my favorite is the one called twisted sugar in the lower corner with the lime wedge and coconut cream icing 🤤.

Well, I just took a huge intermission, I was interrupted like 4 hrs ago, I got a lot of new information of things in my life and starting to already feel overwhelmed. I may not be able as active here soon, as I need to get a plan together to move in a few months. 🫤. FML, I’m not as emotional about it this time, but I’m not thrilled. I live in the 5D anyway doesn’t matter where I go to me. It must be a necessary tower moment for my greatest good. I need to go meditate now, then wash my hair. That was a twist of events for sure. 😩

I’m still trying to find Saturns silver lining after going direct…