Blog about nothing
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Blog about nothing

Good morning Wednesday. Despite the title of the pic above, this is what it says at the top of the screen when my internet fails which is super often, I thought it went with the pic well. I slept fine, but woke up at 4am instead of 5am, and just laid there for an hour. I had plugged in my crystal table lamp thing last night, beside the bed because it needed charged. I use it instead of bright overhead lights in the morning to see because it’s more pleasant to wake up to, usually. Well, even in the off position it glows a little while plugged in which I thought would be ok as long as it was glowing red it won’t disturb sleep. Well, after being fully charged it changed to white light so it was bright! I tried to change it with the remote but I was still half asleep and confused, it didn’t work I would need to get up and unplug it. Instead I just covered my face with the blanket, hoping Chimmie didn’t just wake up. But alas, she woke up and thought “yay! Time to get up”, and left bed to go to her peepad then ran onto the bed as fast as she could and jumped on my side, which of course hurts. She is not dainty, hits like a bowling ball, she steps hard too, I get paw print bruises 🤣. So I was like, “I’m up, ok, we get up now. Ugh!” This girl has a lust for life…or she just wants to get a head start on her second nap on the couch, not sure.

Yesterday I had received a Bleame crystal hair remover in the mail. Yes, I had bought it with my own money. I was totally going to send it back if it didn’t work or if it hurt. I don’t know how it works, but it works and no pain at all. This will be a great addition to my routine, I only used on arms and legs. It says you can use anywhere…but I don’t know about that yet, I think I’ll wait awhile on that, see how the hair grows back on legs and how my skin reacts. As long as it cuts down on most of the razor shaving, I’ll be so much happier.

I thought I had more to say, but I just got a random rush of sadness so I guess I'm going to meditate. Here is a photo of the hailstorm yesterday in June...90 degrees and ice balls.

Summer desert hail