New πŸŒ‘ Moon in ♍️

New πŸŒ‘ Moon in ♍️


Forecasting-the rest of the year...CLEARING!! My notes for all signs, remember we all have every sign in our natals, so it is everyone.

The fog has lifted as Mercury is back direct in Virgo on a lovely new moon. Don't we love to see it? YES! Aries in the north node puts a little fire under ya, little by little up into full blast on full moon in Aries later this month. The north node is where we are individually and collectively evolving toward. Virgo has plans in order with all the t's crossed and i's dotted, and contingency plans because Virgo is problem solver when Mercury is direct. It's go time, start running towards that bright new beginning you’ve been dreaming of, keep an eye on finances with Uranus in retrograde 🀣 (I'm such a child I still lol, at Uranus, I think, "your ass in retrograde".) Anyways, and of course I don’t mean literally start running 🀣 but metaphorically, unless that's what you do. This is the season of falling back into a slower pace, but with a firey north node at the starting line it isn't the case, it will feel like someone pushing a finger into your back until you get up, tempers could rise. Should be able to make good progress in whatever you set out to do, as Aries fire will give you a little extra energy to make it happen.... whatever that means for you. Create create create! An be selective with your energy, make time and make space for what you want. I can't wait to see everyone elevate!

The next few months should be extremely transforming, the more you resist change the harder it will be for you. Fixed signs will have the hardest time getting started or be put really outside of their comfort zones (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) but if put in a team effort remember you are the stabilizer of the group holding it down, delegate your weaknesses to a mutable sign (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) to get the flex and flow balanced as they transmute energy like a well oiled machine, or and only if necessary a cardinal, they may not want to do it but that is what they do, get shit done...but don't annoyingly poke the bear too much, we will just take a nap, and have you fending for yourselves πŸ₯±.(Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra).

Anyways let me pull my cards, remember this is my personal reading for me, I'm keeping notes to myself because it's a new moon, but I'll show my cards because it's too funny not to.

I mean πŸ˜‚...Just looking at the cards is so funny, and I like to keep tarot light and funny. It is...what the what! It's queen and king of wands (divine counterparts), King of wands going within and clearing things up, 9 of cups at the end, you know how I think it looks like John Travolta and he's in his Saturday Night hoe phase and 3 of cups, "can't beat em' join em'" I heard. This party is gonna kill me by looks of it, how much self care is scheduled to survive it. That is hilarious though, just looking at it. Queen of wands in the 3D got her mind on her money and her money on her mind in her King of pentacles energy...divine materializing in the physical. We shall πŸ‘οΈ. What is even funnier is I have spotify playing and a song I've never heard before called Super Magnifique, by Sergio came on, if you go listen to it you will laugh, it took it to another level of funny.

I don’t really feel like pulling oracle for the collective today. I am going to keep my energy to myself for a few days. Happy Friday have a great weekend.

The crystals and such

Crystal participation ☺ and divinity tools below πŸ‘‡

3D: kundalini citrine, selenite disc, clear quartz flame, fire and ice quartz, hagstone, obsidian pentacle, earth, mystic and virgo beebop

also clearing sage in limpet shell, to see all dimensions and clear blockages

4D: azurite, agate eye, flower agate goddess, and OM charm

5D: selenite towers, heart chakra adventurine worry stone, obsidian heart, shiva lingam, tourmaline and carnelian ring.