My blackbird inspecting the yard



What it means to see a grackle.

A grackle is certainly a good omen. There is very little, effectively nothing, negative about a grackle omen. A grackle represents so many positive things: bravery, intelligence, fertility, abundance, and concealed beauty.

A lonesome grackle sends a message of bravery. No matter where, or how, you see a grackle, it represents bravery. This is because, they are brave individuals. Brave in protecting their young and brave in seeking out food. Noteworthy, though, is that to see a grackle alone and confident in its solitude, is an amplification of that message of bravery. So, if you do encounter a grackle alone, and that loneliness resonates with you, then it’s worth remembering that you, too, can be brave even alone. That’s not to advocate suffering alone, you should always seek out help when needed, but when that help just isn’t there in the moment, don’t worry, chin up, and remember the grackle: be brave while you’re waiting for the backup you deserve and will receive.


Woke up at 1:18am, realized my leg wasn’t in a comfortable position, which makes my hip and knee hurt, so I fixed that, then I changed my frequency from ‘heal your entire body’ to ‘root’ I was listening to on YouTube, and accidentally logged into IG which blasted my face with light, leaving me lying there semi-awake for I don’t know…a while. I woke up this morning not very rested. Body hurts a little especially my tail bone which is bizarre. It is all getting better as the hours pass.

This cosmic energy shift has been kicking my ass not gonna lie. I am trying my best. I feel like giving up on a lot of things, like when I try to help others my words seem to fall on deaf ears. Sometimes I feel too far ahead of others spiritually, not trying to be condescending, it’s just when I look around I am alone. I’m not sure how to say it…it doesn’t mean I don’t have people, I have other Oracle readers, nobody else I physically have seems to relate to anything I say. I am venting. But see I’m about to alchemize this shit so watch.

Everything that is happening to me physically, internally, emotionally, spiritually, it doesn’t matter…it is FOR me. For me to figure out, no one else is gonna do it? It is my life path I already know this, I preach it! And I practice what I preach. Instead of loneliness I change it into solitude. You can most certainly feel lonely surrounded by people also, I always have, even my most beloved people are a little too Stoic. These things leave me feeling misunderstood, make me realize I speak to the wrong crowd. That aren’t ready to hear me out. When I feel I give too much of myself to others maybe it is because they needed it more. When people say things that trigger me it is because I needed that lesson. I’m not feeling triggered by anyone lately, which is usually family, but I know that is always a lesson, I can tell when it’s on purpose vs on accident.

Since the month started it feels like I’m staying up late cramming info into me for a SAT test before Thanksgiving, lol 😂. I am not trying, it just is how it is on this journey. I could keep going but I won’t. This is part of that supercharged feeling, you get when working with so much energy this time of year. I could hear the high frequencies of spirit guides above the YouTube videos I had playing, that is still going on right now. Of course I’m also working through vitamin and mineral deficiencies and liver detox it can be difficult to distinguish the differences, but I have been for years. I try not to let my illness define me, but I can’t deny it’s existence totally or I’d die. Yes broken record! I have also learned to live life in totally different ways from how I used to, there are many ways to go about something, if you stay open to change.

Sorry, a quick intermission…

I already feel it and balancing out, since I started explaining this to myself. I already knew all this though, but just because I know doesn’t mean the old program in the brain doesn’t want to go back to the familiar way. I’m not writing this to make the anyone feel badly here. It is actually for me to look back on in a few days and see the progress of my own shifts, I am strong AF in all my bodies, but my 3D body is the one that needs nuturing, not to feed it negatively, but I am a sporadically paralyzed, so everyday is a big surprise, yes like the fainting goats, and that shit is hard. If someone else gains something from this, then I am happy to have helped passively. I am grateful to wake up everyday to try again.

I think I’ll end this now that I feel better. Have a Halloween toon clip to make up for the blogpost 🥹, this is a fav.