Nothing to see here…just a cactus doing cactus stuff



In a weird mood I guess. Found a minute to stop by, I accomplished more packing than I thought, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I guess I did disturb some dust into the air or something because I did get a cluster headache for about an hour, or it may be this candle I’m burning. I made this weird art above as I rode that feeling out. I let a few more empty candles and other jars go. Still more to do but tomorrow is another day and there is still lots of time.

No twisted sugar cookies this weekend but next weekend I’m probably getting them for the last time 🥲. Grabbing Panda Express tonight and debating on if I’m packing up crystals and oracle decks, is it too soon, kinda want to do the Cold moon reading day after Christmas. Maybe I’ll just get a box ready and not seal it up incase I want to do that. I have been writing a blog post introducing Kitsune, I’ll post it on his birthday which was Christmas Day. He’s been popping into my head a lot this month making me laugh so it will be a fun post.

I’m going to go now catch you on the flip side. Do I make a good cactus? 🤣