2023 a recap

2023 a recap


My recap of 2023 on my self discovery journey

A little early but…under my circumstance of moving soon I figure I would go ahead and post when I had the time and energy.

This year I took a moment, er’ a YEAR  actually, to quiet the world around me and deep dive into myself, not intended in a vain way, as I am not comparing my journey with anyone else. Some may think it is, because I work on my images through photography and art, it could send that impression, but actually I am learning through the images I create who I am This is also my way of anchoring dreamworlds into the 3Dinterdimentionally integrating a vision I have of my higher self and what she is up to at any given moment where she gets to bypass all physical struggles, I currently face.

Alsojust trying to figure out what lights me up, what makes me…me, trying new things because I wanted to, becoming proactive in my health journey and discovering new solutions. Sexual self pleasure ONLY.  Finding creative ways to transmute energy and satiate my souls longing to live how it wants without outside influence and restraint.  Mastering my emotional body, learning to let go and to surrender to what is. Having boundaries and time to recharge my batteries, so as to not lose myself in other people. To observe the thoughts in my head and learn their origins, find my own validation, to dream with intention, having a meditation schedule.  Going within before going to someone else for guidance.  Loving and nurturing me. Becoming more gracious towards others and seeing the good in all things instead of being judgmental or reactive.

I understand that isn’t how the majority of the people I know live thier lives. I’m not saying I’m perfect I just see differently.  I knew not everyone would stay with me through hermiting. Thank you if you did, I appreciate you.  There are changes it has brought to the surface, that’s okay.  It’s true I have changed in ways and I see it as for the better, as I am not reliant on anyone else’s approval.  I am in solid union within my being.

I am very Virgo and it happens to be my north node (life’s journey) which pushes me to share my knowledge with others, so I do as I navigate my life, people may think I’m a know it all but I’m not, (only in what I’m passionate about), I’m still learning of course, I’m always learning. It is a challenge because my midheaven (life’s spotlight or pinnacle) is in Pisces which is opposite Virgo. Pisces mid heaven is the most magical intuitive placement in the zodiac. So I channel messages, I read cards, mostly just for myself but sometimes collectively. Personal readings drain me so I do not do that as my health has been the priority this year.  Of course I am very artistic and dreamy and my Virgo north thinks I should be doing something more serious with my time like analyzing things and solving global problems. 

These are some of the things I’ve been going through, which might not sound that exciting, finding time to devote to solitude. But believe me it was a great experience, dare I say addictive and I’m vastly affected by my spiritual growth and will never be the same. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to go within and learn, and had another year in this beautiful landscape of southern New Mexico. 

2024 starts my next adventure, and I don’t know what I may get into just yet besides Kansas 😂. It will be a time for more healing, growth and abundance. Thanks for listening and taking a moment of your time to visit my little webby corner 🕸️, I hope it inspired your own inner exploration.


Strange little video clip from earlier this year, also the still from feature photo taken from this video