Kaleidoscope Reserve
Copper hearts I created but not used yet

Kaleidoscope Reserve

Hello! I have mentioned having an Etsy jewelry shop about a decade ago, 2013/14. It was called Kaleidoscope Reserve, and it was an upcycled  jewelry idea, I used old and new things in every piece. I mostly made beer cap earrings and stamped dangling bracelets and keychains, I made this cool keychain that I punched out holes in a stamping plate and made metal stitches in the holes. I gave that one to a family member. I gave lots to my family, friends and old coworkers from the job I had to leave, before this Etsy store job.  I only sold a couple of things before giving up, to do other things. It was a lot of work for little gain but it was a lot of fun to create pieces to sell. The main reason to sell was because I wanted to create, but I didn’t want to hold on to all the pieces, so I wanted to sell it somehow.  I think some things are a bit easier these days online to promote your work.  So I’m going to try again to sell. I’m going to use Mercari instead of Etsy this time. Since I already sell things on there, and I can sell whatever I want so it is convenient. I have lots of leftover beads to make new stuff. I may put up some old stuff that didn’t sell as well.  So if you are someone who is interested in jewelry I have for sale check out my Mercari store, just search 'Mzfantasia' on the site, create an account, use my code ‘EZZZHA’ for a discount on your first purchase.  

Below is just a pic collage of past jewelry I have made which most are sold or are not for sale anymore.

I hope this post was enjoyable and I'll be back with a new post this weekend. Take care, happy Thursday!