Vaccination Day 💉
Why you do this to me? 😆

Vaccination Day 💉


She’s been practicing going for car rides without a pet carrier. She has been so good but is so terrified though that she doesn’t move at all. She doesn’t normally get in the car without going to the vet, which needs to change so she doesn’t associate the car with vet. But you know she is perfect there, and doesn’t seem to mind it. Perfect behavior no barks, pant, cry, nothing just holds her breath 😂. After home again she is fine, first time she made it without throwing up on the way back or immediately back at the house. All in all clean bill of health, not even shamed for being 22lbs!! Yeah it’s been awhile since she was on a scale. Yesterday I guesstimated she probably weighted 21 lbs, I was close.

Just a chill day now before the crazy…I’m going to relax for the rest of the day in my imaginarium, who knows what I’ll find there…