Vernal equinox 🌱
I’m a shrubbery 😆

Vernal equinox 🌱


Many hours later: 7:30 pm I have received my crystal and little extras. Very nice! I ❤️ them. Close up look at the details of the yellow fluorite.

Listened to this for three hours today

Hello. It‘s a twofer post day. Happy vernal equinox, I feel super chill this morning, is it just me? Maybe I’m still tired from staying up so late, woke up a couple times to adjust my arm it kept getting numb so I had to shake it. Well, the inspection is pushed to tomorrow, that‘s alright by me though. I’m excited for the mail today ✨ my new crystal baby, hehe. Here’s my nails…

Went with Cirque Colors lapis lazuli for my manicure this week

So yesterday I crossed Sonic off my bucket list. Not the hedgehog, the restaurant. It wasn’t something I would probably ever pick again, I know it’s weird I had never eaten there. I did get a dirty Dr Pepper which has coconut syrup and lime juice. It was pretty good…couple shots of rum and it would’ve been beach worthy 🤣. I beat that hedgehog game back the sega days late 80’s early 90’s?

Not you Sonic

I’ll be back as time passes to add more...enjoy the day! I just woke up from a hard nap, I feel so rested now.