Video stills and fever pills
This was me when I looked...healthier than today 🤣

Video stills and fever pills

Finally it happened to me...the positive test you don't want.  

As I mentioned earlier this week I’ve been under the weather over the weekend, but I didn’t dream it was Covid. Then I had a fever so I busted out the test and there it was. It’s the first time I know for sure of having it.  My temp quickly went from 100.4 to 100.7 then 101.7, my teeth felt so hot, eventually wrapping a cold press on wrists and continuously dabbing a washcloth on my face I brought it down to 100.4 again.

So I don’t have that much energy,  writing here was a total last minute decision.  I woke up with a normal temperature of 98.3 this morning but it fluctuated as the day went on and I had a fever again of 100.7.  I took Tylenol today,  I was trying to avoid it but I’m glad I did take it because it helped bring temp back down and stop body aches.  I haven’t felt like throwing up but food has been gross tasting unless it’s sweet. I had ice cream tonight for my throat. I tried eating a tomato but it taste like a potato and I ate a potato and banana (separate meals) and those taste like food in the garbage. I drank one coffee this morning it tastes like hot water with a foam on it, which was probably just my mouths texture. I’ve been sitting here with a washcloth over the front of head and Chimmie keeps checking on me doing her ‘awe hug’ she thinks I look weird probably.

Anyways here’s some stills of animated art I made in my downtime. You can see the animated versions on IG. Cross fingers I’m better or closer to better tomorrow and the fever doesn’t keep reoccurring.  I caught it from a fully vaccinated person, we both took a test on the same day but only I have had a fever.  I’m not an antivaxxer I just barely go anywhere due to a multitude of ills.

Okay onto the art, which makes me feel physically strong, lol.  Enjoy!