Videos are a go
A new animation I finished today 'Gifts from the Underworld'

Videos are a go


I think...I had finally found a way to convert my videos into the proper format for this blog. However, I've still not been sucessful uploading the video I wanted to. I tested it with a small file that worked one time then I deleted it and I've not been able to upload again 🫤, it just has a green bar going across it as if it is uploading then goes blank. I've  been trying for hours now, lol. But anyways yes they are converted so I will (website willing) start uploading my animations. I just finished one I'm calling 'Gifts from the Underworld'. Its my delightfully dark take on the six of pentacles.

Well happy Friday and weekend! Hopefully whatever the problem is here is fixed soon. I can’t wait to start showing videos here first! I've spent too long here so I'm going to keep it short and sweet today, getting hangry 🤣.

I'm back. Ugh bad news...I know why it didn’t work. Media files of 5mb and smaller are accepted at my price bracket. So to upload larger files I have to upgrade my membership to the next bracket which is 100mb media files. Probably not happening soon, as it is out of my price range right now. I guess I can still post second long videos which will look like a gif. 😞. Alright bye again enjoy the sneek peek.