Almost Virgo Season ☀️
Sunrise over the mountain 

Almost Virgo Season ☀️


Monday is here, and is it almost Virgo season? 🤣 I do believe it is, and I can tell. I have said before I'm very Virgo (mars/jupiter/saturn/north node and lilith).  So that is why I'm wanting to research and analyze my shit so much right now, it'll pass. I will try not to let it hinder my creativity too much. I think I'm nearly done figuring out my vitamins and minerals now. I'm a month or so into liver cleansing, which is going good I guess. Although, I am having a hard time remembering my ginger turmeric green tea in the afternoon, for some reason its not a habit yet, but I always remember the milk thistle pill. I need to add 1000 mg of biotin to my day because...losing a lot of hair, here is my weekly hair wad 😳, might not be normal, lol. Yet somehow I still have hair. The brand looks good and clean plus it's a year supply for less than $20.

I have a couple crystals coming for the blue moon in Pisces. They have shipped so should be here in time for my moon ritual reading.

So, my flowers didn’t make it past the first bloom, they are dead, I'm guessing it was just too hot. I tried, they did good for awhile. Thinking I'm going to empty the pots and plant rosemary, it can live outside year round.

Other things going on, I am not and haven’t been on FB since early June or late May I don’t remember, so if you are trying to get in touch do it on IG instead of messenger. I am not avoiding anyone or ignoring posts, FB is just not my fav so I'm not there. I did post on threads, not sure about it yet, another social media distraction, just what I need. I can't tell what the point of it is 🤣.

Thats all I got for now, catch Art dump Tuesday tomorrow. Byeeeee

Alt color still from 'Gifts from the Underworld'...he's a fire goat 🔥🐐