Visions flashing before me
Strange shadows...

Visions flashing before me

Whew, hello! That subscriber only entry today was spicy, the spiciest of all subscriber posts yet! I didn't know I'd write something quite that juicy and personal, it is freeing for me. I didn't intend to just write those types posts. I didn't even think I was going to write at all, I intened it to be just a picture collage. So yes, it was written on the spot, turned into a poem.  I'm not even click baiting here. It's fire and you are missing out and it's free! I'm trying to keep kids off by making it subscriber only.

I finished eating, and the laundry is done and I'm sitting here listening to The Legend soundtrack again writing this. I know its old but damn its so good, I love the whole thing and its mostly instrumental but I feel its timeless, because back then, ya know the 80's, I think it was ahead of its time. I particularly love 'darkness', 'the dance' and 'blue room'. They flow together well also.  I'm enchanted, lol. Maybe I'm high, I don't know, the visions flashing before me have been wild the passed few days, in a pleasurable way.  Uh am I okay? lol. Everything is so sexual in my brain today 😂, except my goopy eye. My right eye has been a problem the past few days. I don’t know what I did to it, besides cry. It has been goopy and blurry, its a little better today but not all the way.

Also tons of ear ringing this week!

What are you feeling?

Tomorrow I'm cutting a little hair, not the length but the crown needs some layers and maybe an inch or two off the ends. It just feels so heavy and I want some lift. My ends are getting really tangled so I know its time to get rid of dead ends. Thats my main event tommorow. I should sit outside...I should but I probably won't. lol. Alright, me and myself are going to bed now. We might continue the conversation there 🤣 Sorry I'm so weird and you don’t get it. Subscribers get it though! Good Night