Walking on sunshine 🌞
Chihuahua Desert, NM

Walking on sunshine 🌞


I took a long break from tarot and decided to check in today, lol. So Queen of wands energy for the week, and I shuffled alot! i even put her back in the deck, but she came out again so I was like oh okay then. It seems king and queen of wands just keeps taking turns. Then I did a three card spread.

That's good! I like the queen of pentacles and the sun combo! I also really enjoy avoiding disasters 🤣.  I should pull some oracle now, brb...

Hmm, that is an interesting combo, I always pull these cards for the collective not just me. These cards seem to point to being tested which we already know we are.  So we are urged to learn to deal with painful emotions as they come, because burying them and denying the existence of the emotions cause dis-ease. So I feel like that is advice on avoiding inner tower moments as well.  It can also ask we look at our current beliefs on other aspects of our lives for the same reasons. Seeing what is still relevent to our current existence and drop the rest. The geometric activation of belief frequency can help us to believe in ourselves and learn our denial lessons, and help us toward action and change beyond mere scientific fact or physical evidence. Using other parts of ourselves like the heart and intuition, with that magician approach, of everything is possible even if it makes no logical sense. So interesting and provoking.  It’s good start to the day.