Ground 🧘🏻‍♀️

Ground 🧘🏻‍♀️


I feel really amazing today. For two nights I’ve been listening to this overnight. 👇🏻

Which combines the three lower chakras, it’s really soothing, keeps you grounded and heals aches and regulates blood pressure. I’ve woke up rejuvenated. It’s the magic of 432 Hz 😉. In the beginning with the root you feel instantly cozy ready to sleep and in harmony with the universe. Sacral chakra holds you in deep sleep and by the time solar plexus starts it comfortably uplifts you to wake up like a sunrise on the horizon and you just feel happy. High on life.

I woke up once during the night because I had a dream of flying in space and I heard a robo female voice say, “Mission complete”. I almost thought I had comfortably died, but I woke up because Chimmie, who was laying against my leg, was also having an active dream and I touched her back because she was shaking kind of violently. My hand just stopped her from the shaking but I didn’t wake her all the way, I wasn’t trying to. I think we actually went somewhere important. It is most likely because of my meditation the other night. I easy got back to sleep. Now I’m here, post coffee, bone broth (yes again), and carrot juice. Joints feel lubricated, I feel satiated from my drinks and ready to start the day, temperature seems normal, not as swollen.


The solar weather I think we had another X flare this weekend…
Also the Schumann for the past few days, as of yesterday it looks like we are in collective waves of purging, but not having many blockages and in healing mode. Feels nice!

Alright I better get on with my day…

I am back post lunch I tried this dip with veggies and some tortilla chips. Been wanting to try it, if you like everything bagels and cream cheese this is it but a dip.

Oh yeah, we just had another x flare 😂 oooh seriously, as I sip on this galaxy Celsius. The energy is different now, I suggest to stay grounded. Go sit on the grass or run your fingers through the sand/dirt. Connect deeply with your body! Your going to tingle 🤭

The cookie it crumbled