Wednesday wandering

Wednesday wandering


Just a Wednesday wandering of the mind, come along…

The more I look at this feature photo it’s giving me goth ‘Lisa Lobe’ 😂…you say I only hear what I want to…I wonder if there is a gothy slowed down version of that song? That would be a banger. I’m not even kidding. I’m gonna search it out after this.

I started out this morning with of course coffee then I had some broth, but I’m out of pineapple juice until later today. I drank so much water yesterday, I had this appetizer from Longhorn, some kind of shrimp thing, I ate it all and a baked potato and omg so salty! If I’m totally honest I’m still thirsty 😂. I usually eat the entire potato skins for nutrients but I couldn’t because salt layer. Anyways it was yum!

Also cookies from the grocery store.

I went into meditation this morning and when I came to the heart chakra I started crying, I heard I was supposed to make a butterfly oasis, and then heard but I don’t know if you’ll get there. So of course, higher self vs. ego. I started pinning ideas after that on ’My Vision’ board. I would love to do that for the butterflies. So, as long as I physically get to my destination and not perish like my ego suggests 🙄, it will be done. I also pinned hummingbird and toad things, I even found how to make a frog hotel. Why not be a bridge between life and death in the harsh Rio Grade Valley for wildlife. I want my aesthetic to incorporate that, bright vibrant warm colors of living desert and the cold bare bones and recycled scrapped material and black lace of a time gone by, giving new life to the space I reside. Where the only question is, “She alive or dead?”, “Neither…or both?” 😂 The answer is Yes. Eventually you come to a time in life, where you might look more dead but in fact, you‘ve never felt more alive. I want eventually get to that place, so I’ll have to probably wait 36 years, until at least 80’s, before I look that part, I don’t age much on the surface but on the inside I feel 80 already. Ugh come on physical body we got stuff to do.

The bunneh waz here 🤗

A memory I saw today on FB, thought it I’d share here. That was the first time I ever saw a mole cricket. They were everywhere! My hair is pulled back, it’s so light it kind of looks like I don’t have any, lol!

I’ll be back later…maybe.

Not even Irish was a joke…

Came back to post the Lisa Loeb song 😂 I had to!