Angel number 2424

Angel number 2424


It’s almost Vera’s birthday and she is happily sprouting new shoots, I put the cicada shell in the dirt to be absorbed

Good afternoon, yes? Yes! So, about the pizza the other day, it was just okay, not actually deep dish after all but called Chicago thick crust. Bummer, I would think a place called Old Chicago tap house would have deep dish. Here it is, got the veggie.

My favorite pizza is from Jets which is Detroit style, I miss it SO much, it’s been 6 yrs since I’ve had it. Highly recommend getting it if in the vicinity of Detroit/Lansing MI or Northern West Ohio has a few shops too.

So that band Kwan that I posted about the other day is apparently coming back this year. How interesting! They popped into my head and have been gone so long and just happen to be coming back. Same with that other band awhile ago I talked about called Reflexion, they are back too. I love that, Finland has some gems, IMO. Not just the obvious favorites which are great like Nightwish, 69eyes, H.I.M./VV, and The Rasmus. I also enjoy Hexvessel, Witchcraft. Oh and the Steve‘n’seagulls 🤣, I think they just cover songs but they are really good at it, in their own bluegrassy way using whatever they got around them, they just have fun. It’s kind of shockingly good actually. I’ll post a video here👇🏻

Anyways, I really need to get started on a photo album for Mother’s Day, if Chimmie lets me. This is her most of time, besides I’m starting to get really sleepy. I might need a nap first.



I feel accomplished. Finished the whole photo album in one sitting. My mind was elsewhere but I got through it. Not tired yet, I was midday but it subsided. Now what…I could start a new post…lol. Why do I never get tired of talking to myself? Because time doesn’t exist there, lol. Guess I should try to sleep, I guess.

Night 😴