Day Three and $6 Bread

Day Three and $6 Bread


No over methylation or any negative side effects.  Tomorrow I go to half tab, where I'll probably stay for a while. Also, I bought a $6 loaf of bread I have to finish in five days, cause no preservatives 😳🤣. It's Dave's killer bread 21 whole grains, (so no enriched flours with added folic acid) Gotta love the bread name, I think it goes with the time of year. I ate it today, it was pretty good but a little dry, would make great croutons and stuffing. It will make great toast! No sugar spike and crash with this one and it's filling, I would get it again.

I made unstuffed cabbage rolls yesterday, when I do that Chimmie gets a wedge (1/4 cabbage) in the steamer to add to her dinners, she LOVES cabbage and sauerkraut also, which are totally fine and actually great for dogs.  She loves any vegetable, always going for those first, such a little weirdo! Also she had some organic wild rice I steamed too, and she always eats either chicken or an egg for dinner. For breakfast she eats 2 raw broccoli (this is non-negotiable, she can count too 😂), a baby carrot and her dry chicken and oatmeal kibble from Honest Kitchen. She is a bit heavy and should probably cut down, but she isn’t at all fat, she is solid muscle, a tough girl athletic build. 😂 It's funny like, is she training for something I dunno about?

Another beautiful morning, I woke up really warm and cuddly, I changed out my thin white blanket the night before last, I use in the summer for my black killstar blanket that is fuzzy inside, because its getting colder at night. Compared to the other blanket this one feels weighted, and I love that feeling of being pressed into the bed, it's like being underwater, except don’t like it on my feet, I hate that for my feet! But I can’t uncover them because cold 🤣 I have a lot of issues don't I?

Well, I don't have much else to talk about. Going to paint my nails because my last paint job is peeling off. Will be eating unstuffed cabbage day two for dinner.