Weekend warrioring
I made this when I packed my Halloween box, I got these ghost cuties at Tjmaxx

Weekend warrioring


Not in the exercise way, but doing the bulk shit that needs done in two days a week. I broke the news yesterday to family, it went pretty well. So that is one weight lifted. I also found a box with a ton of bubble wrap in it, and a couple decent rolls of tape from last move. Score! 🤣.

I feel a bit weird because it’s been awhile since I have pulled any tarot or oracle cards for anything, or spend time with crystals, or burned candles or any of my normal things that make me…me, I think I need to find the time for that tomorrow at some point. I have solar plexus aching currently, right after I write this I’m going to address that. Can’t wait for the day where all I do is paint, that is what my soul aches for, ultimately that’s my thing and so simple a reachable joy. I see it.

I received the first mover estimate today so I think that is causing a little turmoil so expensive. Still need more estimates but that one was ideal in the quickness of getting my stuff immediately instead of waiting weeks. I’m trying not to get in my head about the what if’s so, I’m catching myself as I recognize the shift in my energy, but it’s still laying under the surface today until I meditate.

One fun thing I’ve been doing is these freakin revamp photos, so fun 🤣 I’ll close this out with one. The first is the original, the second is much cooler. So funny! I’m off to do a 30 min solar plexus meditation. Take care, tend to your chakras if feeling off, don’t forget to hug yourself!