Weekend recap
If it is interesting to show packaging then here it is, also the cutest sticker from BaronessX

Weekend recap


Good afternoon, I finally let go of these two ancient palettes, I kept pushing it off but I finally just decided it’s time. Above is a collage of packing orly polishes and my eyeshadow palettes, and put some random makeup back in my travel case. I kept one eyeshadow palette out (Anastasia Sultry a fav) in the off chance I wanted to put some on during the holidays for some reason. So, my Ikea things are empty except for acrylic trays which I bubble wrapped, and put back into their respective drawers. The boxes are organized so it will be easy to unpack and put stuff back quickly. Luckily I had two fragrant jewels boxes still which were perfect to pack polishes they are really sturdy. In the midst of packing I found lots of fun head bands I had to put on my head 🤣, I kept out one with snowflakes I may put it on one day for fun and also another beanie hat from Killstar I put to the side for travel.

I have a small stack of music stickers inside my vanity waiting for the day I pick up the glass again to put more on. That day will be soon so I will add them before I pack it with the glass. The glass itself is really heavy so I rarely lift it but since I’ll have to anyway, I’ll throw in the stickers before the move so it’s done.

Today I went through all my hair related things separated and packed up what I don’t use everyday. I have so many scrunchies and other hair accessories they literally are the cushions for my hair tools, I have room in that box for more. Threw out my old self tanner mitts, I can’t ever see myself doing that again.

I still haven’t found time to get back to my Oracle cards and tarot but I will be pulling for the full moon, possibly later today or tomorrow morning. I feel so heavy and honestly it could just be the cookies 😆, but it might be the full moon, looking forward to connecting again to my spirit guides while awake. I have been meditating and I have been calling my energy back before I even lay down in bed because…fuck! I have been so tired so early. I went to bed at 8:45 last night, not even joking. See, our bodies want to hibernate and be sloooow, but some of us can’t do that right now unfortunately. The new year is going to be so different, I don’t even know what to expect and that is not comfortable at all 😂. The area I’m moving to is having a winter storm right now, ugh!

I’m baking some organic pasta and vegetables later, looking forward to it. Today I ate half the pumpkin pie cookie an hour ago, it is SO good that is my second favorite cookie from twisted sugar. Better than any pumpkin pie I have ever had.

So tell me who’s ready for this year to be over? Who had a good year? Who thinks next year is their year. Send it directly to my brain, or subscribe and tell me in the comments, you will also have access to my personal poems, pics, art and erotic writing ‘O’ my 😱. Have a good one.