Having a creative block for the past few days...I swear my moon in scorpio always has me in perpetual create/destroy mode, or maybe its PMS.

I can't even write, and that makes me frustrated. I have been meditating, paying attention to dreams, giving myself space to let these new spiritual upgrades kick in...I keep having intrusive thoughts...though I am very entertained by them, please continue.  Keep telling myself positive affirmations and I trust myself, my intuition to guide me correct. See through illusions, passing my own tests. Thats good! Much better than I used to be able to handle things...but I keep finding myself floating toward the higher places where everything is...working out even if it doesn’t make sense.  Today in the 3D I thought I'd try this new shrimp dish at panda express and I got this fortune reminding me to stay grounded.  Hopefully the mercury in the shrimp is low, I'm already mad as a hatter 🤣 . That's not really a joke my body has a toxic load, but I still laugh because I can’t help it.  It was okay, I didn’t really think it had much flavor, I wish they had more veggie options still.

I know, I know

I'm so tired, I can’t wait to lay that showing my age?  I was talking with a friend today and I said, "We are old enough to be grandparents." That really hit me. It's still so weird to think because only my body feels aged, the rest of me feels like I'm aging in reverse.  But its a joke that I still look 12 in my family, sometimes I do, but no one feels what my body feels like. I saw a meme today that said "you're a tiny soul, carrying a dead body" and that's exactly what I'm trying to say!

This concludes my rant, lol. I have those days too. Goodnight, thanks for listening and laughing with me not at me. Tomorrow will be amazing, positively speaking. I have had moments of high vibes today  but I have also crashed too, root chakra is the frequency I'm sleeping too tonight.