What is my nationality anyways…
I like to change my look which confuses people

What is my nationality anyways…

I have been getting this asked more frequently then ever in the last year or so, I guess it’s my hair.  I’m going to clear it up now.  I am mostly Irish I have roots from 10 counties in Ireland. What makes the remaining pieces of my ancestry is German from two regions (Baden Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia), then followed by Italian, Portuguese, Indigenous American, South East Asian (China/Taiwan) and Sierra Leonian. I embrace it all, I love learning about each and what makes us unique and at the same time one.  Oh and I was made in the USA.

I also have an affinity for the nordic countries and Japan, so much so my first dog I owned myself as an adult was a Japanese Shiba Inu and I learned a little Norwegian a few years ago. I also have an urge to explore the Canary Islands. If I ever physically moved out of the US it would probably be Tenerife.

So…that is what it says on paper. I’m pretty shifty so I’m also a swan, goat, dragonfly, scorpion, crab, star, goddess, mermaid, phoenix, kitsune, fairy, elf, dragon, unicorn, witch, jackalope, vampire, werewolf,  I don’t have those reports though…😂🤣😂

Some collages of the regions taken from my 23&me report below 👇🏻

Portugal and Spain but my decent is just from Portugal
More Portugal and Spain...

Indigenous American
Eastern China and Taiwan
Sierra Leone