What’s that Noise?
An old picture I took of wild mexican 🌻 at Red Hills Park in Tallahassee 

What’s that Noise?


Happy Wednesday! It's already 81 degrees and only 8am. I've been wondering what's up with my mexican sunflowers, no heads on the plant yet and perky but kinda brown.  I looked up when they bloom which starts today actually until the first frost. Sometimes they don't bloom until late summer. We shall see pretty soon I guess, I'm thinking I may have overcrowded the pot.

I'm having some cherries this morning, they are in season. Did you know cherries are a natural pain killer? You have to eat a shit ton of them for that 🤣 like thirty at a time. Unsweetned cherry juice though you could totally get the benefits from that, I like Knudsen brand.

What's that noise? If you are following me on instagram you’ll guess what I'm talking about. Yesterday I was playing around with the sound functions of iMovie. I made three voice clips and layered them. The top layer a whisper I sped up and turned volume up higher,  the two others were a gasp-moan type sound and the last one I growled. 🤣 it was awesome. The growling I had turned all the way slow so it actually sounds like an animal or demon, its just me. When merging the sounds I felt it resembled Gmork from The Never Ending Story. "Hey Atreyu, I'm the Nothing!" 🤣🤣🤣😳. Scary kind of. I also did my slow speed card shuffling sound to an animation I'll talk about next art dump. It literally sounds like underwater clanging. Today I posted another animation on IG, 'Nightlight' which was yesterday's opening photo. Again, I'll talk about it next week, but you can check out the videos on IG now.


Today I am trying a new to me restaurant for dinner. It's a greek restaurant called Tiffany's Pizza and Deli. I believe its a local family owned restaurant and they had taken vacation last week for the 4th holiday. They are back now, I'm excited about it! They have greek potatoes and vegetable pizza, spagetti, and veggie pitas with tzatziki sauce. Sounds awesome. I'll let you know.

My FJ Moon Rituals rings are out for delivery today! Yay. It was so lucky to have found them the other day, she had four rings I didn’t have so I got two of them. One of the others was sold an hour or two before I saw them, and the fourth one sold while I was debating on which ones I wanted. So all sold on the same day posted! Now I have six of ten rings, and there is also a collector's ring so eleven rings.

I'm about to go wash my hair, its such an undertaking that I have to psych myself up for it. Luckily, I only need to wash it once or twice a week. It is so dry here, and I don’t sweat, so it stays pretty clean. I have noticed I'm loosing a bit more hair at the root though, and I'm kind of concerned, but I've also noticed my toenails are growing fast. My toenails never grow but lately...they are, lol. I don’t know whats going on, it's strange times in my body. My right big toe is still leaking...ugh.

Later today I'm going to make a vision board with new art supplies so I can show here what I'm getting before I get it, and a recap for me to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. Ordering this weekend. Expect that in tomorrows post. Until then, catch me on IG. What is happening in your world, can I know?

Dis is my morning ritual 💤 naps until lunch