Where do I go now
I call this, 'GTTTACAACCATGG' 🤫🤣

Where do I go now


Good afternoon, happy Saturday. I spent the morning analyzing my DNA raw data to help me decide on my next steps towards wellness. I'm on my last month of basic B complex, so now is the time to decide. My brain was really focused today so I thought I'd better take advantage of the opportunity. I'm sleepy now. I learned some new stuff about my COMT (Catechol-O-methyltransferase) and VDR (Vitamin D Recptors) genes, I am susceptible to ricketts type II, (hmm but I had chicken pocks 2 times! so hopefully not, but its vitamin D resistant?), and schizophrenia which I knew already from my xcode tests.  

COMT and VDR types can help you determine which usable form of b12 I will use the best.  Mine says hydroxycobalamine and andensyl and I found sublinguals! So I think I'll be going back to separating all my b vitamins instead of taking a complex.  Kind of a pain but seems to make the most sense to be able to tweak it to my needs. I may get Adenosyl too which is another b12, that works specifically with muscles and myelin sheath for nerve function, and pernicious anemia which is my anemia type.  👇

Hydroxy does breakdown into Adeno and Methyl also, but to have both would be ideal and get off methyl which apparently isn’t ideal for my gene type. I can swing in both directions in methylaton, but I tend to over methylate more often than under. It gives that tired but wired feeling, which is unpleasant but does eventually go away. I learned that overmethylation side effects can be corrected quicker with niacin (as nicotinic acid) at one 100mg every 30 mins until physical symptoms subside. I am very sensitive to niacin (as niacinimide) and I flush, its the one b vitamin I don't need in mega doses because I convert it fine, but in the other form it must be fine, I guess it eats up all the leftover methyl donors not needed. Another reason not to take a b complex, I don't want to take a higher dose than 10mg of b6 (p5p) either because higher doses than that cause acne and peripheral nueropathy instead of prevent it. I also need to start taking magnesium oxide is important twice a day, and TMG at 1-1.8mg is beneficial for Mthfr condition.

I also found this on my data, which says "susceptiblility likely" 🙄. So perhaps I also have this other kind of anemia too?! That was newly updated last July and I didn’t see it until today. I haven’t looked it up yet. There were some research studies published at the time I'll go back and look at later.

So that was my fun morning, now to try to be creative. Might be kind of hard now because brain wants to dig. Probably meditate first to clear it out. Have a great rest of the day! 💕