Which lens shall I look through today

Which lens shall I look through today


I guess I really like feeling time lately. I wouldn’t mind time stopping for a few hours though. Everything feels shifted and it continues shifting, like the teacup ride at the fair that always made me puke. lol.

Happy Taurus season, yay, I always look forward it. No offense to Aries but the energy is so fast, Taurus lets you slow down a little tiny bit. Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs and don’t like pushed quickly if something isn’t our idea. We give you a hoof and horn in your butt if you try to! We go at our own pace, super slow and steady as she goes. 🤣 I rhymed with a song title! Love it when that happens. Not sure what our sister Virgo do, she don’t have hoof and horns, maybe just she looks at you disappointed with silent treatment.

So I cut some hair today, it is still so long but it was heavy and getting stuck in stuff at hip length, like my thigh crease. I mostly live the messy bun life anyways. I cut layers too, but this was the length, just looking at it I‘d say about 8in. off. I don’t feel like styling it today, another day I’ll do that. My hair grows so fast so it will back in no time. I feel lighter somehow.

Oh, here’s a flashback I was looking for. Thought I’d share before retrograde is over. The time I was in UT, the most memorable thing about it was stopping at Great Salt Lake and deciding to walk into it, in my shoes 😳. Ugh, it reaked! I freaked, and my shoes never recovered. And I thought my car would also never recover from the stench. Like that episode of Seinfeld with the car BO 😂. Luckily I went to the museum first. It was also like 106 degrees that day which was the hottest temp I had experienced yet…I could see the heatwaves on the pavement at the gas station and wondered how the tires didn’t melt, and my A/C didn’t work in the car anymore so windows down, the kind you had to crank 😂. Hopefully I’m not repeating myself here I can’t remember if I spoke of this here before.

Just want to say reconnecting with old friends and family during Mercury retrograde is fine you are supposed to, it’s brand new connections coming in during mercury retrograde in eclipse season you watch out for, just wanted to make that clear for people who follow me for any kind of guidance, do your own research. I’m not telling you to be silent for four weeks 😆. Sure there can be miscommunication at this time however, you can prevent some of that by double checking your plans and responsibilities, and thinking before speaking to someone. Getting tongued tied is going to happen, and never take someone else’s actions personnel at this time, especially people who don’t follow the cosmic, they are unconscious to that knowing.

I’m off I have lots of things I need to catch up on. So I can chill and vibe in the Taurus ways. I saw lots of people affected by the eclipse energies, even reiki masters took time away for themselves and suffered. If you are still feeling off and tired hopefully it eases up soon.