A crystal and beebop haul
Oh my a new crystal delivery! 🤣

A crystal and beebop haul


I got a second wind today, so here I am again to post my sage goddess order. Good timing!

So if you remember my first order I bought all the beebops in stock, on my first order. I saw a bunch more were back so I bought the rest, 😆 there are still a couple out of stock I want, definitely want the rest of the zodiacs, all the star seeds and elements too.

And here is the main event


and we know what this is for, right? Opening circles...removing blockages in the chakra system. Represents divine masculine energy, it is the highest vibrational crystal there is, only found in India. I massaged mine with moon water, I think he liked it 💦

And a freebie 

They also threw in a 'crystals of the month' card, and lots of little sage leaves, I have a little vile of Cleopatra fragrance as well, smells very good. I love this store! Check it out if your looking for crystals, divination tools, classes, cards or perfume!

"I can't escape the call of my name,

Visions of you through soul shock flames,

When the light goes out, You still remain...I go insane"

...from my poem Phantom Touch

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