You must rest 🥵

You must rest 🥵

6.6.24 =666

Don’t fear the 6’s

Good morning

I realllly cannot stress this enough to the ascending collective. As we travel through the 66 portal, please rest the physical body as much as possible. No strenuous working out for the next three days (I say 3 days because we are in a new moon phase as well), especially outside in the sun! Try just walking and stretching instead. Be fluid with your movements and thoughts, drink water, stay nurished and postive mindset. I am feeling the waves of energy strongest in my hands which is connecting root to heart (no blockages), and also in the sacral is buzzing. A vibrating hum in my ears is very much reminiscent of wave sounds in an mri machine, lol, and I haven’t even meditated yet. I’m very warm, feels like a hug 🤗 with occasional double heart beat, it is intense but pleasant. I need to to sit with it, I know how to keep the energy balanced, by which includes not taking on any collective resistance which feels opposite, like my body is being twisted apart so, I will be shielding myself from others at this time, nothing personal, much love to you all. I will continue today in a theta daze which is being in a really relaxed awake stage almost asleep, where the mind shuts up and you dive into the subconscious. I may take all of Saturday offline. So if I’m not here or there, no worries I’m being gentle with myself being cuddly creative in my cave with snacks and drinks and sleeping on and off as needed, I suggest you do the same as much as possible. I’m craving pizza and chocolate and…

You need a theta session? Clean Your brain with this short video below, It refreshes you without going to sleep all the way. Here you go, don’t listen and drive. Don’t watch video if you have epilepsy! Enjoy. If now and your wanting to go to sleep proceed to the next video with alpha and theta and have a refreshing nap. If wanting to stay awake but in a trippy dazed state go to the last video, that’s where I’m going after I post this. See you in secret portal 485, lol. much love ❤️

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Let’s go on an adventure!


Dreaming away 😂